cinderping website monitoring
coming soon from cindercreative

website monitoring and tools

built by and for artists, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs

cinderping is scheduled to launch later this year and is in beta testing

products, tools and features

ping services - keep your website, blog and news indexes up to date with update notifications and syndication

uptime monitoring - simple uptime monitoring for the curious, custom site tracking features for advanced users

content analysis - crawl websites and blogs for common misspellings, html errors, keyword usage, web standards and more

rss aggregation - aggregation of common product and service lists from popular sites and breakdowns of new and updated items

digital licensing - digital key generation, issuance, verification and support for websites and digital products

web analytics - simple analytics for those new to the web, advanced features for real-time monitoring

beta inclusion and testing

cinderping is currently in closed private beta and is not open to the public at this time - future public rounds may be opened

advertising information and news

for information on future releases, updates and public beta rounds, you may contact cindercreative: